Senninger Irrigation offers a wide range of water application solutions for agricultural crops. Products are designed to increase irrigation efficiency by using low, energy savings pressures and applying water with high uniformity. Senninger sprinklers and components reduce runoff, over application and soil compaction. Plus, they are made out of durable thermoplastics for a long life.

Below you will find solutions for pivots & linear systems, solid set systems and nurseries and greenhouses.

PivotsLinearSystemsPivot and Linear Systems

No sprinkler package can fit the needs of every grower. With such a wide range of crops, farming practices, soils, typographies, and climates, it's clear that each grower requires a unique and personalized solution.

Senniger has developed an extensive line of customizable pivot and linear system products for drops and top-of-pipe installations. Each has an adjustable application patterns and droplet sizes.

Senninger pivot products can be adapted to LEPA irrigation, different soil types, high wind speeds, irrigation of high and low profile crops, and more - making them capable of meeting farmer's individual goals and expectations.

Products include:
  • Wobblers
  • LEPA Bubblers
  • UP3 Easy-Clean Nozzles
  • Plastic Goosenecks
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Top-of-Pipe Sprinklers and Impacts

SolidSetSystemsSolid Set Systems

Irrigation efficiency is about more than just pumping the least amount of water possible. A system's efficiency is determined by its performance, its distribution uniformity, and the crop's response to irrigation.

Senninger's line of solid set sprinklers and components is designed to irrigate with extreme uniformity even in wind conditions, apply water a precise location and increase overall efficiency. 

Many of these sprinklers are also useful for salt leaching, germination, fertigation, and even frost protection.

Products include:
  • Wobblers
  • Under-Tree Sprinklers
  • Portable Riser Adapters
  • Impact Sprinklers
  • Pressure Regulators

NurseriesGreenhousesNurseries and Greenhouses

With nursery and greenhouse installations, irrigation needs vary based on whether the crops are grown in open fields, containers, hanging baskets, hoop houses, or other set up.s

Senninger's line of nursey and greenhouse products is designed to meet this variety of needs while providing optimum performance at the lowest pressures possible. These low pressures reduce the amount of energy required to operate an irrigation system.

Many of these sprinklers are also useful for salt leaching, germination, fertigation, and even frost production.

Products include:
  • Wobblers
  • Misters and Micro-Sprinklers
  • Sprayers
  • Overhead Drain Stoppers
  • Pressure Regulators