Netafim offers a full range of products to satisfy all your drip/micro irrigation needs - including driplines, sprinklers, filters, valves, crop management technologies, and other vital system support - such as technical education and agronomic expertise.

Whether your need an entire system or want to upgrade and replace existing parts, Netafim can provide the best solution for your specific irrigation requirements. With Netafim, you can set up a complete system of well-made, quality products from one company that work together, optimizing your irrigation system. All backed by a sincere commitment to quality and service, you are assured of reliability with the proven leader.

Landscape and Turf

With five decades of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry.

Our Mission is to create a global paradigm shift in the application and use of water within the Green industry. We will do this by providing technologically advanced and environmentally sound solutions to modern irrigation challenges, and by supporting our customers with education, training, and insight into the best water conservation practices.

No matter what your projects require, our comprehensive product line delivers the solutions you need for successful project completion and ease of maintenance. From pressure compensating dripline, like our revolutionary Techline CV with built-in check valves, to the most sophisticated and accurate point source emitters on the market, we've got what you need.

Beyond the depth of our product offerings, Netafim is the authority you can trust for unparalleled technical and customer support.

Greenhouse and Nursery

Netafim USA's Greenhouse and Nursey Division offers a comprehensive line of quality products for all your Greenhouse and Nursey applications. Our drip and micro irrigation systems utilize the latest technology to minimize your investment in terms of time and resources, while maximizing your crop yield.

Netafim offers you its vast experience and know-how to guide you through the process of choosing the right system fro your specific needs and environment. Your Netafim drip/micro irrigation watering system will be designed and engineered for years of reliable service - a crucial component of your bottom line profitability.

Benefits of a Netfim drip/micro irrigation watering system include:

  • The superior performance of Netafim products mean traditional sprinklers can no longer compete.
  • Our products apply a slow, steady application of water to your plants ensuring vigorous growth.
  • Improving water and fertilizer uniformity results in a highly uniform top quality crop.
  • Payback for a complete Netafim system is usually within the first season of operation.