K-Line Irrigation systems, where the grass is always greener, is the perfect small to mid-sized irrigation system. The K-Line system is designed around a set of components chosen for their durability and ease of use under adverse conditions.

These systems have multiple uses including pasture, alfalfa, and forage; vegetable and orchard; sod farm; effluent disposal; land reclamation; and fire and dust control. K-Line is also perfect for any situation where irrigation equipment must be totally removed for other activities, like athletic field, golf courses, polo fields, indoor and outdoor arena conditioning or dust control and race track conditioning.

K-Line is great for managing intensive grazing programs because it accommodates to your fencing layouts, allows you to shut off individual cells to better manage water supply, allows you to move the system off the land for planting of annual crops, allows you to use the system to apply liquid fertilizer blends, and allows for slower application rates that result in less run off and better absorption of nutrients in the soil.

Hay production with K-Line is quick because it is easy to move and allows for efficient use of water. It can also be tailored to fit into any harvest rotation with little to no soil compaction to create optimal growing conditions in the soil. Once the hay is ready to harvest, the system becomes easy to move out of the field for cutting, aerating, bailing, and/or for winter storage.

K-Line can be used for individual sets for designated areas or as a solid set application to apply large amounts of water to the entire sod farm. It is easily moved off the field to harvest the sod and the system can be designed in sections that can be easily rolled up to move from one location to another.

Ranches have seen numerous uses for K-Line products from the establishment of grass on tank damns and along roadways to Sendero irrigation that allows for increased forage. It can also support water needs for food plots for wild life blends, and for individual seeds, such as lab lab, sunflowers, and sesame, to improve hunting.

Athletic fields where K-Line is installed have a system that is easy to pull on and off the field and they do not have to contend with sprinkler heads buried in the ground, thus eliminating the chance of tripping. Also, with the fields being irrigated, athletes are provided with a softer and safer playing surface.

We at Ag. Equipment have been designing and installing K-Line in South Texas for over 20 years. We have all the components necessary to complete a job from 1 to 100 acres. We keep around 350 K-Line pods, poly line, and fittings, along with special high pressure pumps, on site all year long. Let us assist you in designing a system fitted to your specific needs.